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The Importance of Brand Identity in Digital Marketing

If you are planning on doing digital marketing for a brand in Bangkok and working with Digital District, it will be important to establish a brand identity in your marketing. The brand identity is how people will view your company, and if you can establish an identity that potential customers will take notice of and remember, then you will help give yourself a chance at getting a higher number of potential customers on board.


One of the best ways of getting your brand identity out there for potential customers to see is through social media. Considering just how much social media has become a part of daily life, Facebook, Twitter, and many other social media platforms can give you potential access to the highest number of possible customers, and can give you the greatest chance of your brand being noticed. However, it is important that you separate your business social media handle from your personal social media handle. For example, you will want a Twitter handle and Facebook page dedicated entirely to your brand. You also want your social media handles to use the name of your brand instead of your actual name. Save your actual name for your personal social media handles, while using your brand's name for your professional ones. In addition, use the full name of your company instead of abbreviations, and avoid using numbers or special characters unless they're in the actual name of your brand.


Another important part of your brand identity will be your brand's logo. Sometimes a logo is even more important than the brand name, since the logo can be what people most associate with your brand. As such, you will want a logo that is eye-catching but also reflects your brand. If there are words in your logo, make sure they are easily legible and that people looking at it can read everything without any effort. If someone has to strain to understand what your logo is saying, they may move on to something without a second thought, potentially costing you a customer. You also want to consider how your logo looks in various sizes. If your logo looks good large, but not small, then it won't look good on social media or websites, which could hurt your brand's identity. You want to make sure that your logo will look good no matter where it is posted.


It is also important to establish yourself as different from any potential competitors you might have. Study your potential competitors and see how they market themselves, how they interact with customers, and how they offer their services. Once you have a good idea of how they do those things, you can begin to strategize how you will do them differently. For example, if your competitors don't have such a strong presence on social media, then you can try to make social media the focus of your marketing. Separating yourself from your competitors will help your brand stand out more, which in turn can help make potential customers more interested in your brand.


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