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What is a Foreign Business License in Thailand?

If you are an investor interested to set up a new business in Thailand, it is important to gain more knowledge about this journey. You can find many unique business structures and can make an easy selection based on your interest. However, it is important to mention that you may need to get a foreign business license to proceed ahead with your idea.


Setting up a New Business in Thailand

Forming a new company in Thailand leads to several benefits. Thai market offers all positive facilities for setting up a company in Thailand and leading it to the profitable states. It doesn’t require you to go through rigorous processes. The Thai government has made it quite easier to complete all the legal formalities and the documentation related tasks as well.


Creating a beauty business in Thailand

When you want to set up a new business, you always need to focus on the skills you have. Identifying skills and making the most out of them is what really matters and more often than not it will help you achieve amazing benefits. Is it going to work all the time as you need it to? That really depends on many factors. But you really have to understand the process and how everything ties in together. It does have the potential to pay off extremely well, as long as you understand the potential challenges.


Can you rent a location for your business after company registration in Thailand?

If you opt for company registration in Thailand, one of the most important things is to make sure that you have a location for your business. Finding the best place where you can reside your business is not as simple as you would imagine. It requires a lot of hard work and commitment, but in the end it can indeed pay off a lot and that’s exactly what you need in this perspective.


Why Should You Choose Interchange 21 Office?

You must have heard it before. When it comes to office rental in Bangkok, there are many different factors you should consider before making any decisions. Interchange 21 has got you covered, satisfying your fundamental needs and desires in full!




The Importance of Hiring Graphic Design Bangkok Agency

In order to better understand the importance of hiring a professional graphic design Thailand agency, you need to first comprehend what is graphic design and what it can do for your business/company. Close your eyes for a minute and think about some of the most iconic brands you are familiar with. More than likely you will come up with Nike, Pizza Hut, Apple, Mercedes Benz, Nokia, Motorola, and a few more.


The Importance of Brand Identity in Digital Marketing

If you are planning on doing digital marketing for a brand in Bangkok and working with Digital District, it will be important to establish a brand identity in your marketing. The brand identity is how people will view your company, and if you can establish an identity that potential customers will take notice of and remember, then you will help give yourself a chance at getting a higher number of potential customers on board.



EBT1023 - Sukhumvit Fast Food Franchise Restaurant For Sale

Located in a very high-traffic part of busy Sukhumvit Road, this 4 year old internationally recognized western fast food franchise has just recently become available for acquisition. Situated in a highly visible 94 Square meter premises within a high-rise residential and commercial complex, the business enjoys brisk trade from hotel, office, and condo tenants as well as from passing traffic on the busy thoroughfare in front of the outlet.


EBT1034 – English Language School in Prime Location For Sale

Even though the business is growing and now reaching revenues of approximately 500,000 per month, the owners have decided to reduce the asking price to 4,500,000 Baht.


EBT1036 – Steel Fabrication Business For Sale

After profitable operation for over 15 years, this Thailand-based steel fabrication, engineering, and construction company is now available for acquisition due to the owners wish to enjoy more personally fulfilling pursuits. Primarily providing fabrication services for the oil and gas industry, the company works on a contract basis for many highly reputable and recognizable companies, both local and international. Occupying just over 18-rai of company-owned land with a market value of 26,800,000 Baht, the operation consists of 3 fabrication workshops with over 2,200 Sq.



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